Career Strategy

Yes – I’m Interested in Taking My Career to the Next Level! Start with a Career Strategy Session.

I’m glad you’ve decided to take the first – and most critical step – toward getting the help and support you need by requesting a career strategy session. I work with people who are ready, willing and committed to transition to a deeply fulfilling, fun and financially rewarding career.

We may be a fit to work together if you are:

  • Self-motivated, self-aware and want to do something meaningful.
  • Ready to make a change now (note: if you are just “kicking the tires,” our programs are probably not for you).
  • Willing to invest in your own success and happiness.

Here’s what you’ll get:

  • Crystal clarity on your life’s purpose and professional calling.
  • A manageable action plan for getting where you want to go.
  • The tools and support you need to move past limiting beliefs.
  • Strategic support with goal setting, time management & career transition.
  • Help with resume, social profile, networking, research and interviewing.

Please complete and submit the application below for a no-obligation career strategy session.  The call takes about an hour and together we’ll decide if it’s a good fit to work together and give you details about how we can support you.  

After you click the “Submit” button, you will be provided with a link to choose a date and time to schedule the session.

Career Strategy Session Application

What are your biggest challenges when it comes to your career?*
How are these challenges impacting the rest of your life (e.g., relationships, money, health, happiness)?*
What do you want instead?*
Select all the areas of career coaching that interest you
If the answer above answer "Other", please describe:
What would your life be like if you were happy in your career?*
What is causing you to seek coaching right now?*
What are your key strengths and/or character traits (e.g., perspective. leadership, kindness, etc.)?*
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