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About C-Synergy

Professional Career CoachingMark Langford is a Harvard MBA with 30-years of building and working with start-ups through Fortune 500 companies from Main Street to Wall Street both domestically and abroad. He transitioned out of the corporate world to help others to identify and live their purpose, tap inner knowing and to release limiting beliefs in order to restore clarity, joy and happiness to their lives and careers. He mentors and supports those who feel unfulfilled, challenged, or uncertain of their next steps using a phenomenal set of career improvement tools & techniques such as the Career Synergy System that he personally developed as well as 3rd party tools such as the Harrison Assessment Test.

Mark authored the Bestselling book, Thank God It’s Wednesday! A Business Professional’s Guide to Finding Purpose, Passion & Life/Work Balance (see review on Career Bliss) which shows how to create time and space for your personal passions while advancing your career. He is ranked a Top 10 Career Coach by both Thumbtack, Noomii, LinkedIn as well as 5-Stars on Yelp and Google and his Facebook page (TheCorporateShaman) has over 13,000 followers.


Mark’s Story

For most of my life I did what I thought was ‘right.’ I attended school and got good grades (well mostly good). I went to church on Sundays (and prayed hard). Went to college (and studied hard). Went to business school (and studied even harder). Got a job. Climbed the corporate ladder. Took two vacations a year. Got married. Bought a house. Had kids. Coached Little League. Bought new cars…. I lived the American Dream – and did it exceptionally well. Statistics tell me that I made it to the 97th percentile of wage earners in the U.S. Unfortunately, in the course of doing the right thing, I lost sight of my purpose. The passion quietly drained out of my veins and it was replaced by obligation and routine. I got stuck and didn’t even realize it. Then a beautiful thing happened. I was laid-off from my job! At first I tried to replace my ‘stuckness’ with more of the same. Returning to my old pattern, I did the ‘right’ thing (what I had been taught by others – who were probably stuck themselves) and looked for a replacement job doing the same thing that I did before. Unfortunately – or rather fortunately – I found that the corporate ladder gets pretty crowded near the top with a bunch of others doing what they think they have to do. After losing my job, I noticed that I was actually much happier not working for someone else. I was free, and yes it felt a little scary at first, but also entirely liberating. Choice was reinstated into my life and I set out to re-discover who I really am. I took time to meditate, reflect and work with a coach. I ultimately came to the realization that my purpose and passion is to help others find theirs. Helping people to become happier inspires me. I want my sons, my friends and everyone I interact with to be happy and inspired like I am now. I love to imagine how much ease and flow this would create in a world that desperately needs people who love themselves, their lives and their careers.


Coaching Offer

I provide “soup-to-nuts” career coaching – from getting clear direction to creating a personal brand that stands out to implementing an effective job search – I will help you to turbo charge your career. My firsthand experience in senior management positions across a variety of positions and industries enable me to provide you with highly effective, insightful guidance. And, my coaching programs are like no other. Why? Because I have a phenomenal set of personal and professional growth development resources, an amazing professional network, and I can support you to determine your direction, gain confidence and land a position that is fun, fulfilling and financially rewarding. I provide great coaching, expert advice, unwavering support, and an awesome set of tools and strategies that will help you create a vision, set goals and move into something that uses more of your talents and abilities. All you need to do is to commit to your own personal success.

“Your time is limited, so don’t waste it living someone else’s life. Don’t be trapped by dogma – which is living with the results of other people’s thinking. Don’t let the noise of other’s opinions drown out your own inner heart and intuition. They somehow already know what you truly want to become.  Everything else is secondary.”   

– Steve Jobs