Career Coaching Options

Career_Counseling-300x225[1]C-Synergy specializes in mentoring business professionals to discover and define their purpose and passions, to shed fear, limiting thoughts & bad habits, and teach shortcuts to success that set them up for a lifetime of health, wealth and happy relationships.  Mark Langford can help you to:

1. Get crystal clear on where you want to go
2. Develop a manageable action plan
3. Build enough confidence and enthusiasm to get going!


We developed a methodology (called the “Career Synergy System”) from our years of experience to unlock inner wisdom and gain clarity on personal and professional purpose that is highly interactive and insightful.  After experiencing the Career Synergy System, Clients we work with routinely report increases in their confidence, happiness and bank accounts. 

We offer private coaching, group coaching as well as self-development programs to meet particular needs – and each has a definitive “graduation” date along with measures of success that we set-up at the very start.  Our programs are designed to:

⇒ Clarify passions, skills, abilities and talents (known and hidden)
Uncover and understand your “whys”
Identify core values and define a life and career vision
Clarify and prioritize your goals
Create a manageable action plan
Move past resistances, fears and limiting beliefs
Improve time management skills
Revise the negative stories you tell yourself
Establish more focus 
Identify resources (people, education, training) needed for next steps
Conduct research/get training/discovering options
Set-up ongoing accountability
Establish sustainable support systems


The Career Synergy System

 synergy[1] The Career Synergy System is a 10-step program that includes self-reflection exercises, MP3 recordings and “Energetics” exercises that combine to enable clarity, direction and informed decision making.  This system is used in both our private and group coaching and provides greater depth and perspective to the coaching experience.

While it is practical and structured, the Career Synergy System that we developed over years of coaching, is also flexible and allows us to focus on the areas that you choose. Together, we’ll delve deeply into what drives you, discover your core “why’s” and figure out what it is that will make you the happiest, how to position yourself, and then determine how to go about finding and getting what you want in the form of tangible goals and a manageable implementation plan.  Sample exercises:

Coaching Goals

The Urgent/Important Matrix


C-Synergy  System Module Overview

1: Get Clear on Who You Are Personally

  • Identify interests, values, passions & core “whys”
  • Prioritize personal passions & clarify core values

2: Get Clear on Who You Are Professionally

  • Identify all your “puzzle pieces”
  • Figure out what will enable you to use all your talents & abilities

3: Clear Your Path to Progress

  • Identify limiting beliefs and negative patterns 
  • Revise the negative stories you tell yourself (and others)

4: Assess Alternatives & Possibilities

  • Brainstorm industries, professions and career paths
  • Explore and evaluate alternatives

5: Putting all the Pieces Together

  • Create vision / set life & career intentions
  • Set SMART (Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Relevant, Time-specific) goals & milestones

6: Optimize Your Time

  • Expose time “sucks” & energy vampires
  • Transform bad habits into healthy ones

7: Position Yourself for Success

  • Personal brand (elevator pitch, resume, social media) and messaging that align to your defined purpose
  • Identify resources required for progress (people, education, training…), optimize networking

8: Defuse Your Triggers & Creating Ease and Flow

  • Get to the core of your key “triggers”
  • Change beliefs and actions to invoke better results

9: Build Confidence & Momentum

  • Improve self-esteem & confidence 
  • Build self-care routines

10: Design a Sustainable Change Support System

  • Determine accountability needs
  • Establish sustainable support systems


“No problem can be solved from the same level of consciousness that created it.”

– Albert Einstein