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C-Synergy specializes in mentoring business professionals to discover their professional purpose, define & articulate skills, move past limiting beliefs, and get crystal clear on next steps. C-Synergy can help you to:

1. Get crystal clear on your career path

2. Develop a manageable action plan

3. Build confidence & accountability


The Career Reboot System

The Career Reboot System is highly interactive coaching process developed from over 7,000 hours of coaching working with over 1,000 clients to unlock your inner wisdom and gain clarity on personal and professional purpose that is highly interactive and insightful. The Career Reboot System uses assessments, frameworks, and insightful exercises to direct and guide you to a short list of industries, organizations, and roles that fit your specific skills, interests, and abilities.

Professional Career Coaching

C-Synergy offers private coaching and group coaching  – and each has a definitive “graduation” date along with measures of success that we set-up at the very start.  Purpose Discovery coaching programs are designed to:

  ⇒   Clarify passions, skills, abilities and talents (known and hidden)
  ⇒   Uncover and understand your “whys”
  ⇒   Identify core values and define a life and career vision
  ⇒   Clarify and prioritize your goals
  ⇒   Create a manageable action plan
  ⇒   Move past resistances, fears and limiting beliefs
  ⇒   Improve time management skills
  ⇒   Revise the negative stories you tell yourself
  ⇒   Establish more focus 
  ⇒   Identify resources (people, education, training) needed for next steps
  ⇒   Conduct research/get training/discovering options
  ⇒   Set-up ongoing accountability
  ⇒   Establish sustainable support systems

The Career Reboot Overview

Get Notice by Hiring Managers & Recruiters 

The Career Reboot System is a 9-step program that includes self-reflection exercises, assessments, templates, samples of work as well as 141 video lessons and audio recordings that combine to enable clarity, direction, and informed decision making.  This system is used in both private and group coaching and provides a fantastic array of valuable career development resources.

While it is practical and structured, the Career Reboot System is also flexible and allows to focus on the areas of your choosing. Together, we’ll delve deeply into what drives you, discover your core “why’s” and figure out what it is that will make you the happiest, how to position yourself, and then determine where to find what you want and how to land your ideal position be it a corporate or government role, entrepreneurial venture, a non-profit or NGO position or even a creative/artisan role.

Sample Program

1: Get Clear on Who You Are Personally
  • Identify interests, values, passions & core “whys”
  • Prioritize personal passions & clarify core values
2: Get Clear on Who You Are Professionally
  • Identify all your “puzzle pieces”
  • Figure out what will enable you to use all your talents & abilities
3: Clear Your Path to Progress
  • Identify limiting beliefs and negative patterns 
  • Revise the negative stories you tell yourself (and others)
4: Assess Alternatives & Possibilities
  • Explore and evaluate alternatives
  • Identify a short list of industries, professions and career paths
5: Putting all the Pieces Together
  • Create vision / set life & career intentions
  • Set SMART (Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Relevant, Time-specific) goals & milestones
6: Optimize Your Time
  • Expose time “sucks” & energy vampires
  • Transform bad habits into healthy ones
7: Position Yourself for Success
  • Personal brand (elevator pitch, resume, social media) and messaging that align to your defined purpose
  • Identify resources required for progress (people, education, training…), optimize networking
8: Defuse Your Triggers & Creating Ease and Flow
  • Get to the core of your key “triggers”
  • Transform negative thoughts into positive, productive actions
9: Build Confidence & Momentum
  • Improve self-esteem & confidence 
  • Build healthy self-care routines
10: Design a Sustainable Change Support System
  • Create greater personal accountability
  • Establish sustainable support systems

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My experience with Mark and C-Synergy Career Coaching was incredibly helpful in a multitude of ways. I was able to have tools to help define what I do, my skills, and how to pull it together. I like to say he Miyagi’d me. We waxed on and waxed off and painted the fence. And now all of these tools are at my fingertips to update my resume to fit a job application, my LinkedIn profile, cover letters, and more. It helped me to define the job I really want and how to best present myself as a brand.

Kerri Cleveland

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