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Do You Feel STUCK in Your Career?


Are you doing what makes you truly happy, fulfilled and paid well – or are you just getting by?


Are you facing one (or more) of the three major obstacles that cause career stagnation?:

     1) Not knowing what else to do or how to go about transitioning.

     2) Letting the “how’s?” and “what-if’s?” derail your thoughts and dreams.

     3) Not believing you can do it.

Get the Career Bliss Workshop Video and learn from 6 INDUSTRY LEADING business & career coaches how to get your career into high gear!

career-bliss-workshopThis isn’t just another “quit your job and follow your passion video.” In this 10-hour comprehensive career development video and accompanying 59-page self-study workbook, full of exercises, examples and templates to help you make a career breakthrough that will enable you to define, discover and land a position that is fulfilling, fun and financially rewarding with minimal impact on your lifestyle. 

Your investment in this training is less than half of what it would cost to have a professional spiff-up your resume and will give you so much more, such as powerful strategies and tools to:

-> Get CLEAR on your career calling
-> Uncover and MOVE PAST WHAT’S STOPPING YOU from leaving your unfulfilling job
-> Re-establish the CONFIDENCE to make the breakthrough you desire
-> Make a SUCCESSFUL TRANSITION into an even better paying career
-> Move QUICKLY and efficiently without impacting your lifestyle

Why invest your time and money?
Because when you are clear, confident and have a plan, you consciously create new systems, networks, and opportunities that build the pathway to your vision. Learn from 6 industry-leading professional coaches who have done it themselves and who have coached THOUSANDS of others to find their career bliss. Discover the most efficient ways to achieve what you want without succumbing to time-wasting distractions, pitfalls and bad advice.

Do you know what you have been preparing for all of your life?
We all want happiness, freedom and to feel like we are doing something meaningful. We were all given a set of unique gifts that we were meant to bring the world. This workshop will help you put all the pieces together and hone in on exactly what you were meant to do.

Is this the year for you to take action?
The amazing Career Bliss Workshop speakers and program were carefully orchestrated to help you align your career with your higher purpose, to make the money you deserve, and to enjoy your life again to the fullest. We invite you to a new adventure filled with happiness, freedom and deep fulfillment – RIGHT NOW.

Are you ready to explore what else is possible for you?
If your pain has become greater than your complacency then you know you’re ready to make the jump. This interactive, hands-on career development video and workbook are especially for you if:

🙁  You are uncertain how to transition out of your current energy-draining career
🙁  You feel too burned out or too overwhelmed to even make a transition
🙁  You have only a vague idea (or too many interests) on what else you could do
🙁  You are afraid of making a transition into something that might not pay the bills
🙁  You are “sticking it out” for some future time or event to transpire

Find your Career Bliss and get 9 high impact career development lessons from SIX career coaching experts! 

🙂 Get clear on your career calling and create a definitive vision
🙂 Create a transition plan to your ideal position/venture
🙂 Create personal branding that helps you stand out in a crowd
🙂 Develop a breakthrough mindset to move past fear & limiting beliefs

🙂 Implement strategies to land your ideal job or venture in a difficult market
🙂 Discover networking techniques that will exponentially expand your contact list


The 7-hour Career Bliss video and 59-page self-study workbook are sold at career fairs and shows for $497.  The online download special is only $297!