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Escape Your Day Job & Launch a Profitable Venture with Minimal Risk in Under 12-Months
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Stepping out and doing your own thing can be scary, but not when you have an experienced entrepreneur coach to help.

Most don’t have what it takes to be an entrepreneur. Others let fear stand in their way. Then there are those who want more than to just take orders, make money for someone else, and take the illusionary “safe” career route.

It’s time to become an entrepreneur and become your own boss if you:

  • Have pain that has become greater than your complacency
  • Are tired of taking orders from someone else
  • Want to use more of your skills & abilities
  • Have a moderate to high level of risk tolerance
  • Are ready for unlimited upside potential (i.e., don’t fear success)
  • Desire to create a legacy or contribute to the greater good
  • Don’t want to leave this world with your music still left inside


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Transition Seamlessly into a New Venture

  • Avoid costly pitfalls and mistakes
  • Learn entrepreneurial best practices
  • Access best-in-class tools, resources, and technologies
  • Accelerate time to launch and profitability
  • Build crystal clear clarity and unshakable confidence
  • Exponentially increase the likelihood of success
  • Reduce anxiety, uncertainty, and impact to lifestyle


Assessment, Mindset Readiness, and Roadmapping

  • Take the Entrepreneurial Strengths Assessment test & get valuable feedback with C-Synergy
  • Get an Employee to Employer mindset makeover + visioning development guidance
  • Receive the Complete Stepping Out to Starting Up masterplan + Art of Quitting Your Job strategy
  • Build a risk mitigating financial transition roadmap
  • Obtain time management, focus, and accountability support



Venture Identification, Business Planning, and Concept Validation 

  • Clearly identify venture, acquisition, or franchise target(s)
  • Execute a highly effective Ask Interview Campaign to understand target customer pain points
  • Get templates, advice and assistance building in-depth Business, Marketing, and Launch plans
  • Learn prototyping, market testing, and concept validation sequencing methods
  • Receive support with patents, trademarks, and contract development


Operations Set-up, Funding, and Sales & Marketing Strategy 

  • Get legal entity decision & filing support
  • Learn private Equity, angel, VC, grants, & crowdfunding strategies
  • Access best-in-class technologies and most advanced applications 
  • Get comprehensive operations configuration and rollout plan support
  • Receive website, social media, and brand development guidance
  • Discover customer/client qualification & closing pitches

Coaching Process Overview

“I’ve had the pleasure of working with Mark a few times over the years and he’s been an incredible and caring mentor. Mark has developed a program that will help you to dig deep, identify what you really want, and co-create a path to get you there. I can’t recommend Mark enough.”

Suzanne G.

“I am beyond blessed to be working with Mark Langford. He always goes above and beyond in his work. He is knowledgeable, intelligent, savvy, up-to-date in his field, and caring. Mark will help you realize your greatness, get clarity on your professional or entrepreneurial journey.”

Janet W.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Entrepreneur Coaching?

A business / entrepreneur coach is a highly experienced entrepreneur or executive who knows how to start and grow successful businesses and will help you:

  • Clarify your business goals & vision using assessments and frameworks
  • Develop and implement proven business development strategies that work
  • Move through obstacles & uncertainty through reframing, perspective changes, and action planning
  • Offer tools & resources to help launch, streamline, and grow your venture
  • Sharpen your business acumen and leadership skills through authentic, straightforward mentorship and feedback
  • Develop or regain the confidence required to be successful


What are some of the benefits of coaching?
  • First and foremost is the clarity having a clear destination and a plan on how to get there
  • Second, having an expert trusted entrepreneur coach who’s “been there/done” will help you avoid pitfalls, mitigate risks, and get desired results much faster
  • Third is that it helps keep you focused on the important things and keeps you accountable, confident, and moving forward
  • Forth, coaching helps develop (or reestablish) the confidence required to be successful
can an Entrepreneur coach help existing business owners?

Yes. A coach will help you break through to the next level and start playing a bigger game in terms of new revenue streams, more customers, expanded brand awareness, and improved margins. Coaching will also provide:

  • A sounding board to work through new ideas
  • Support to move past personal blindsides and business imbalances standing in the way of personal fulfillment and business growth
  • An experienced perspective to refine and adjust your business processes so that they are more streamlined, effective, and profitable
  • Help with staffing, leadership, accountability, and focus
What are the important factors I need to consider when transitioning out of the corporate world?

Well there’s definitely an art to quitting your job!

  • The key is to get really clear on where you’re going, put together both business and personal financial plans, focus on critical path tasks and actions, have a robust risk mitigation plan, be able to fail fast, and get the help you need to make the jump
  • Read! Get a few books on Entrepreneurism like: The Harvard Business Review Entrepreneur Handbook, Side Hustle, and Starting a Business
  • Your family and friends may not be ardent supporters or the best business advisors. Get ta trusted advisor who’s “been there, done that” and can help you with guidance, resources, and proven strategies
What are some of your success stories?

Just a few of my many coaching success stories include helping:

  • A truck driver to launch an online design business
  • Two “wannapreneurs” form a partnership and step out of their corporate jobs to found an innovative event planning business
  • A corporate consultant to build and franchise a mobile petting zoo
  • A school teacher to transition out of the classroom and to build a coed soccer league – – which eventually lead him to also open a local sports bar
  • An existing procurement consulting business scale from one client to multiple clients and a full sales pipeline

Interview with Diane Bogino

Mark Langford, Master Entrepreneur Coach, has coached over 1,000 senior-level business professionals to move past uncertainty & burnout and into better-fitting roles, lucrative entrepreneurial ventures, and greater earnings and professional satisfaction.

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