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Get Noticed by Recruiters & Hiring Managers

To stand out from a sea of competition your written, social media, and networking messages need to be clear, concise, and memorable.  It serves the triple purpose of:

  • Gaining credibility
  • Arousing curiosity
  • Increasing your likability 

It is important to have a personal brand because employers receive hundreds of applications for a single job opening.  75-90% of employers vet candidates via social media sites such as LinkedIn, Facebook, Tiktok, or ZoomInfo.  What do you stand for?  How will you stand out in a sea of competition?

Differentiate Yourself & Land More Interviews

C-Synergy offers personal branding development that provides a tangible competitive advantage in the job search market, including:

  • Innovative Networking Brief, Professional Dossier and graphical Mind Map of skills
  • Social media optimization
  • Networking skills & strategy development
  • Elevator pitch development / Four Tier Branding Statement
  • Interview training

With 25-years of business experience, having climbed the corporate ladder from entry level to senior executive positions and an MBA from Harvard, Mark knows how to get noticed.  Let him help you design, develop and proliferate your personal brand so that you to stand out from the crowd.

"Next Gen" Resume Optimization

Click the link to the left to view just a few of the resumes that we’ve created for entry level to senior executive clients. You’ll notice a wide range of styles and formats.  We work closely with each client to capture their individual essence and don’t use a one-size-fits-all template or a catalog of hackneyed buzzwords.

We approach resume development with a simple yet extremely effective methodology:

  1. Consult & capture your salient career highlights and achievements
  2. Identify key, relevant words that appeal to automated resume evaluation (ATS) software
  3. Craft an overall theme and clearly demonstrate results
  4. Apply a style and format that is engaging and easy to read
  5. Proof, review with you, revise and polish

Don’t leave a document that could be the difference of landing an interview in the hands of a resume factory, junior writer or an ex-executive recruiter who was never even conducted an interview. As ex-hiring managers, we’ve seen thousands of resumes and conducted hundreds of interviews (domestic and international) for entry level to senior executive positions and know the difference between a good resume and a great one. Let me create a resume for you that will get you noticed!

While you’re at it, let us help you optimize your LinkedIn profile as well.  Make sure that you’re demonstrating the absolutely best version of YOU to the one almost billion unique users of LinkedIn.

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I thoroughly enjoy working with Mark. He is professional and very knowledgeable and listens carefully to what I say. His approach is methodical, yet tailored to my specific needs. Mark is definitely worth the investment of time and money.

Dan Lauten

President, Napa Valley Winery

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