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“I found Mark Langford through an online search and signed on with him after reading his testimonials. I spent about 3 hard-working months with Mark. It culminated with an offer for a dream job in a different industry. His coaching is worth every penny!

The details: I am a mid-career marketing professional at a large corporation who felt stuck in a dead-end job in a declining industry. Having interviewed for new jobs for over a year without getting any offers, I decided it was time get professional help. I needed to shed the negativity from my existing job, and I was worried that it was impeding my job interview performance.

After our initial conversation, I knew that I wanted to work with Mark. His approach is very engaging, supportive and results oriented and he tailored a plan specific to my needs. Mark and I worked a lot on positive thinking and on changing my job search approach. His philosophies focus around mindfulness and authenticity – which I believe the corporate world needs a lot more of! I started working with Mark in February and continue to practice the insights and advice he gave me on a daily basis. It has really helped me to move past my obstacles and to consciously create a future that I truly want.

Practically speaking, Mark also helped me identify target companies that fit me, clean up my cover letters and resumes, and put together interview tactics and strategies that helped me to stand out. The result was increased opportunities, more clarity and focus and, ultimately, an exciting new position at a company I truly admire!

I highly recommend Mark to my friends and colleagues, but know that he requires you to work on yourself and that you get out of it what you put into it. If you’re ready for it, Mark will provide direction, challenge, support and accountability to take your game to a whole new level!

Cynthia Suttle

Director of Marketing

“Sometimes in life you get blessed to cross paths with someone who is genuine and gifted at what they do. I am so grateful at Mark Langford’s tireless effort to help me see the blocks that were getting in the way of myself.  He helped me define what was really important to me in my career and then worked with me to tear down ANY obstacle that I could come up with so that I could truly step into a new reality. I am so grateful for his energy and wit which made the process fun (instead of painful as I thought it might be).  If you are reading this I encourage you to work with Mark if you too dream of having a different life, but need someone to help pave the way with you to make it possible!  Thank you Mark for being so generous with your time and knowledge and giving me the kick in pants I needed to get out of my way!”

Liza Raymond


“If you are at a crossroads in your career or even in your personal life, I strongly suggest you reach out to Mark.  Mark’s innate talent in finding your true passion and bringing that to life is special.  I’ve been working with Mark the last few months and have gained tremendous insight into areas of my life that I have neglected and needed to improve in order to make the career changes I’ve wanted to make but haven’t.  Career advice and coaching is often difficult to listen to, but if you’re ready to be challenged, be vulnerable and think outside the box, work with Mark.  He is one of the most positive, thoughtful and charismatic individuals you will meet and I promise you will learn things about yourself that you never thought about before which will improve your life.”

Joshua Green

VP, Private Equity

“Thoroughly enjoy working with Mark. He is professional and very knowledgeable and listens carefully to what I say. His approach is methodical, yet tailored to my specific needs. Mark and is definitely worth the investment of time and money.”

Daniel Lauten

President, Napa Valley Winery

“I’ve had the privilege and pleasure of working with Mark as a colleague in the corporate world as well as an inspirational mentor/coach during a recent major career transition. Mark is highly regarded in the corporate world for his intelligence, business acumen, and experience in project management as well as launching new products in the marketplace. Mark is also sought out as an author and has written his own book “Thank God It’s Wednesday!” (which will be incredibly helpful to anyone considering a career transition). Recently I made one of the biggest life changes I could have ever imagined and that was leaving the corporate world to pursue my life’s purpose and passion. Mark has been a tremendous support to me in this transition and has provided invaluable advice, encouragement, and guidance on next steps along the way. Mark is incredibly gifted as a coach and inspires a can-do approach. There were many times that I doubted the possibilities and Mark helped me to see how all things are possible. Mark is incredibly insightful and resourceful and his passion for his work is clear. When I share my successes with him he is equally happy for me. And, when I need support he is there to support me. There’s never a shortage of ideas or new tools that Mark has presented me with that has helped me pursue my passion with ease and enjoyment. I highly recommend Mark’s career coaching services. He has been a true gift to me and I’m thankful to him that I am now pursuing what I’m meant to do and am living a life of joy and fulfillment.”

Kim Thalken

Master Instructor in Energy Healing

“In the spring of last year, I found myself at a crossroad- unhappy at work and really questioning what I wanted to do as a career. I decided to begin my search for a career coach and within a few weeks of intro sessions with a number of coaches, I found C-Synergy. It wasn’t long after my intro session with Mark, that I decided to press forward and make the investment for myself and my future.

During our sessions, Mark walked me through a series of introspective exercises which helped me shape my life vision, determine the career paths I wanted to pursue and understand my wants, needs, and desires in future job opportunities and companies. Those were extremely helpful exercises as they helped me to narrow down the list of firms which I wanted to work for. While going through these exercises, Mark also helped me to refine my resume, LinkedIn profile and interview skills.

Motivated. Attentive. Reliable. Kind – are key qualities I would use to describe Mark.

He truly is motivated to help his clients overcome some of the self-imposed obstacles which keep them from achieving their goals. At times, when I’ve allowed myself to let fear in the way of my short and long term goals, Mark kept me motivated, encouraged, and helped me to overcome some of those fears.

He is attentive to my patterns and has not been afraid to point out some of my tendencies such as pushing things aside and not setting dates or times to achieve certain goals. In turn, his observations helped me to set better daily and weekly goals for myself.

Mark is responsive and reliable. I remember being faced with a difficult situation at work and calling him to seek advise on how to best approach the situation. He helped me to remain calm, level headed, and provided me with the necessary guidance on how to best proceed.

Lastly, Mark is very personable and kind. He’s easy to talk to, provides great insight and is very easy going and understanding.

Overall, my sessions with him have helped me both personally and professionally. I’ve since found and have been enjoying a new career opportunity with a great firm; I’ve have been setting better personal and professional goals for myself and have learned to overcome some of my fears while pursuing my dreams.

I highly recommend C-Synergy!”

Rachael Olivier


“When I went looking for help, Mark stood out like a sore thumb. There was energy in his words that touched me from his profile. Something just felt right and I hoped it was real. It turned out to be very real – the way he popped up in my life and took time to help me. I was had a bunch of disorganized ideas and Mark helped me sort everything out quickly. He profoundly helped me to connect on a completely new level and to ‘clear the smoke’ – and I love him for that!”

Jeremy Stone

Real Estate Agent

“I found Mark after google searching for a career coach because I was burnt out in my career and yet at the same time utterly at a loss with what to do about it. I was totally stuck….and it sucked…miserable!! I called around a few career coaches and they all had their own take on how to get unstuck, and I went with Mark because I really liked how he could see my problem from my perspective. So I signed up and we began. I started out completely lost, deflated and worn out with career related stuff, and all I can say is what happened next over the course of a month or two was nothing short of a complete transformation! Mark had a fantastic approach to my unique situation, and through his excellent coaching I was able to understand why and how I had gotten like this, how to get unstuck, and what to do next…. If you’re reading this I would hazard a guess that there is a good chance you’re considering getting help with your career. I say do it. Stop procrastinating: feeling genuinely happy at work, thriving, not merely surviving, being productive and earning a good income are priceless really….so do yourself a favor and invest in yourself! It might just well be the smartest thing you did in a long time…”

Nick Harris

Architectural Designer

“I was stuck career-wise, so I looked online for Career Coaches. Mark popped up, and his reviews were great. And now I know why. Mark is truly there for you, and he wants to do everything he can to help you. I would also say the online course was invaluable for me. He and it do a fantastic job of getting at the Real You. It’s a tremendous eye-opener. I think someone could claim to be a Career Coach and be full of “it”. You can tell Mark is the Real Deal. He’s your cheerleader, he’s focused on you, and he wants you to succeed…which is exactly what you need.”

Matthew Vance

Board Member, Heaven on Earth Society for Animals

“Mark is a fantastic career consultant. He listens incredibly well and brings his strong intuition into each project. He successfully helped me chart out a path from leaving the corporate world to start what is now a successful consulting business. I would highly recommend Mark in helping with any career transition.”

Kevin Berson

CEO, Technology Consulting Company

I contacted Mark after finding him via Google search. I require career guidance as I am motivated toward a career change and/or developing additional streams of income but have some difficulty with navigating toward my goal. Mark’s undeniable knowledge, expertise and compassion helped to determine what the right choices are for me and next steps in achieving my goals. I am clear now on how to proceed…Yay! All thanks to Mark. His kindness and passion for helping people is quite refreshing and I am so very happy to know him!”
Melanie Scott


“When I found Mark I was in a career rut. On paper, everything should have been great – I had a nice paycheck, the corner office, and complete job security. I was doing well, but I wasn’t on the right path. I interviewed several coaches, but from my first meeting with Mark I knew that I had found someone special. From day one, he rolled up his sleeves and we went to work. He is encouraging, insightful, empathetic, realistic, challenging and sincere. I am in a completely different place personally and professionally than I was just a few months ago, and I don’t think I would have had the courage or tools to make the decisions I have made without him. Not only has Mark been a fantastic coach, but he has been a true partner every step of the way. For anyone considering a coach for your career or your personal life, no one else comes close to Mark!!”
Ryan Conlon

Strategy & Operations Executive

“For me, it wasn’t about “finding a decent job,” it was about discovering what things I loved and finding the right career path to implement those passions.  Mark’s wisdom and interpersonal skills allowed for our conversations to be insightful and exceptionally enjoyable. I’m incredibly grateful for our time together.  If you’re complacent with your current prospects or situation, Marks a wonderful resource and mentor. He requires both lots of personal inventory and homework, so just be sure you’re ready to put the hard work in!”

Jonathan Crosby

Business Consultant

“Mark has a wonderful program for those who are at a crossroads in their career and not quite sure where to go next. He helps you dig deep to understand what your passions are and how to best apply them to create a more fulfilling future. He meets you where you are and goes from there. I highly recommend working with him.”

Maria Ramirez

Marketing and Communications Expert

“Mark knows what building a career is from the inside out. What I like about him is that he’s been in the corporate world and can appreciate the challenges that go along with it.

I was in a repeating cycle of feeling like I was in a rut at work. Mark’s ability to help me focus on what I really want out of my professional life was better than any outplacement service could deliver. Mark’s also easy to talk to and he listens. He then takes what you’re saying and helps you to determine what makes sense for you. I’ve tried other career counselors, but I never really felt that they “got” what I was feeling about my work life.

It makes such a difference when you’re looking for your next opportunity if you know what you really want, and what makes you feel good about working everyday. Mark’s your guy if you need a wonderful career counselor.”

Tammy Brown

Director, Community Marketing & Engagement

“Mark has a very clear process that incorporates changing your attitude about a job. What’s nice about his coaching is he does not direct you, but he empowers you to lead. This is great for anyone who is searching for their ideal job or who is looking for a way re-evaluate their current role. He’s knowledgable on his subject and he’s done great things for my resume and network. Hope this helps, Mark helped me figure out my path and that changed everything for me!”

Robyn Letourneau

Dept. of Social Services

“My time with Mark has truly helped me evolve the ways in which I approach my job search. I’ve become so aware of areas I need to work on to make sure I’m making the most of each interview process. I feel more confident and more prepared to continue to search for my next steps. I’ll certainly be working with him again in the future!”

Tamara Verdugo

Buying Manager

“As an educator, one honors continuous learning and growth. In the pursuit of an Master’s Degree in Instructional Technology, I felt the desire to grow in my professional life and make a drastic change. To begin this process I reached out to a career expert, Mark Langford.

Leaving a profession with no specific future profession identified was scary and discouraged by many of my peers, however, I knew there was something better out there for me. Mark helped me first by figuring out who I was. What did I want? What were the things that I wanted in a career? Mark helped me to dig deep into my personality, look at my “weaknesses” and begin overcoming them, reevaluating or removing them.

Once we had determined my career and life “must-haves” we began exploring careers that met those wants and suited my strengths and skills. The best fit? Instructional Desig in the corporate realm. We began preparing my resume to best impress future employers and began honing my interview skills. I developed my networks and became more confident in myself and my skills.

Changing careers and “embracing my career identity crisis” has led me to my dream career, being an Instructional Designer. I could not have done this without Mark Langford and his vast knowledge and experience in career counseling. Mark helped me to develop, not only as a professional, but as a person.”

Jenna Reames

Instructional Designer

“I had been flailing for quite a few years in the service industry and really just trying to find my way. I was always skeptical of career coaches but thought that I had nothing to lose by giving it a try.  Found Mark online and decided to give it a go.  Mark was the breath of fresh air and non-judgemental calming I needed to help me navigate through a tough time. By helping me organize my thoughts and priorities, he helped me find the confidence to go after what I wanted. I just recently got a job at one of the best restaurants in LA and have a chance to progress towards a real career, which I didn’t have the confidence to say even 6 months ago. I will forever feel in debt to him.”


James Hammer

Brand Ambassador

“If you’re looking to improve your career you need Mark.

I have been working with Mark for over a year now and it has been a tremendous learning and personal growth experience. I was in a huge career rut, before I met Mark. His coaching program really helped me get back on track and push pass many of my personal and professional challenges. He tailored our sessions to fit my goals and objectives. I still reference many of his lessons. He is also great executive mentor. I often call on him when I find myself needing a sounding board or management advice.”


Carla Gonzales

Marketing Director

“Mark was a joy to work with! He is empathetic, articulate and asks all the right questions to get you moving forward. He helped me through a challenging transition and went above and beyond to offer both professional guidance and personal insight. I could sense his genuine commitment to providing exceptional support from day one. I also must mention that he offers a vast library of resources that should get an award in it of itself. I am so very grateful for his invaluable support and highly recommend his services to anyone who wants to move ahead!”


Laura Jay

Graphic Designer

“I have been working with Mark for 2 months and am both grateful and amazed at the progress I’ve experienced. As others have said, it’s a lot of work, but if you do the work the results are worth it. I’ve gained clarity, direction, and a true understanding of what I’m capable of and where I want to go. I will continue using his services going forward.”

Flavia Cabrera

Sales Professional

“I give Mark 10 stars! Working with him has been a joy. He is present, focused, sharp with his analysis, patient, giving, and he is fun to work with. Mark has helped give me the tools I need to achieve my goals. I highly, highly, highly recommend Mark Langford as a career consultant and personal coach.”

Scott Strohmaier

Advertising Executive

“I consider Mark a partner, not just a coach. I have been working with Mark for the past two months. I am one who is not confused about what I want to do, I am in Brand/Marketing and love it. I didn’t need a career change, but I need help to get me to the next level. Ironically, it was my own brand that needs managing! I found that with Mark. We have met in person and over the phone. Our coaching sessions are productive. This experience is one of the toughest things I have ever done. I have been totally open, honest and raw with Mark (and myself). He has guided me through current work situations and has helped me to feel more confident in the corporate world.  Mark has given me great tips and tricks, he’s challenged me – he’s supported me – he’s pushed me. I am a mid-career professional and I couldn’t be happier that I made this investment in myself and my future. With Mark and the Synergy System, you will do a lot of reading, and will perhaps be the most introspective time of your life, at times it may feel repetitive and like a tremendous amount of work, trust the process it will come together for you. I trust that the right job will come to me, and moreover I know have the confidence that I deserve that ‘RIGHT’ job and not just another job. Find your passion, do the work, get coached – Call Mark.”
Erika Egede-Nissen

Marketing Director

“Mark is a true expert in career consulting and has helped me get clarity, focus my efforts, and better build my brand. His Career Synergy System, and one-on-one coaching, is helping me to better manage my time, plan my goals, and get motivated to create measurable results and be more productive. When I came to Mark, I was stuck. I couldn’t find a way out of my rut. I knew I had potential, but I was not able to get past my limiting beliefs and behaviors. Mark is helping me to get closer to my dream, and now I feel that I have someone who can keep me on track and hold me accountable. If you are looking to get breakthroughs in your career, contact Mark. He can help you to get back on track and make impactful lasting change in your life and career. I recommend Mark without hesitation and know he would be an asset to any organization or individual.”

Alex Orellana

Director/Producer, Spy Games Studios

“There are moments in your life where you face immense challenges that test your will, strength, and courage. When I met Mark about 6 months ago I was at the lowest point I had ever been in my career. Prior to that point everything was working out just as I had dreamt it. As a 32 year old portfolio manager for an investment advisory firm I was outperforming the market, attracting new assets, and feeling like I could do no wrong. Destiny was playing out and I was meant to make a straight ascent to the top right away, or so I thought. In early fall of 2015, what could go wrong did. One of my largest holdings cratered and what had been constant praise from clients turned to intense ridicule and unrelenting criticism. I wanted to give up and run to relieve the discomfort and fear, even if it meant leaving my dream behind.

Enter Mark.. After encouragement from my family I decided to seek advice from a coach, which was a brand new idea to me. He was the perfect choice given his corporate background (and time spent on Wall Street). I left our first meeting enlightened and encouraged that I could get my life back on track. It was about more than just charting a path forward in my career it was about exploring my inner feelings, confronting my fears, and realizing life is about enjoying the journey and not being solely focused on the destination. I feel one of Mark’s greatest gifts is his ability to put everything into perspective. He is able to help his clients see the bigger picture (not only as it relates to career but also when it comes to life). Mark realized the passion I had for my work and wouldn’t let me give up. He has reinforced the fact that we can’t appreciate all the good in life without experiencing challenging times along the way. One of the most important things our time together helped me realize was that there is no such thing as failure if you are true to your word and if you give everything you have.

Mark has a very organized and effective way of working with his clients. This includes phone calls/in person meetings, written exercises, reading, audio, etc. He has been there for me every step of the way and is extremely responsive (there have been multiple times I have called just to talk through a hard day and he is always there!). He has helped me set clear goals, network, become more organized, and he has given me the tools to be able to deal with stress. I view Mark as a life-long friend, who just happens to be an amazing coach. My challenges with the market are still ongoing, but my zest for life and the confidence I have in my professional ability has never been stronger. If you are looking to advance personally and professionally, Mark is an excellent choice to help you get there!.”

Robert Souza

Chief Investment Officer

“Before I started working with Mark, I felt paralyzed by the difficult decisions I had to make relating to my life and career. Mark has provided me with a systematic way to approach these decisions. I think every day we doubt ourselves and our abilities in small ways. Over time, we let these doubts become beliefs that limit our choices. Part of Mark’s process is to take these beliefs and deconstruct them, which has been very useful for me (it turned out that I had many of these beliefs). One thing that I think separates Mark from a lot of other career consultants is his vast knowledge and diverse network. Each week before our session Mark sends me an extensive email filled with resources that he thinks might be useful for me to look at, questions to ask myself, and contacts in his network that he thinks might be useful to activate. Mark has also helped me setup a timeline to achieve my career goals. Every week, he identifies exercises or tasks that I should do that relate to my goals. I was amazed at how much this helped improve my productivity and confidence with my career exploration. I can thank Mark enough and I highly recommend him!”

Jason Osajima

Instructor Asano Taiko US & Entrepreneur

“I am so glad I chose Mark as my coach! Mark not only helps and advises on how to make a career transition, but he helps you take a step back and look at your career and life comprehensively – I don’t think I would have that gotten elsewhere. He offers tailored and genuine advice and he truly “gets it” – I have several instances where I needed real-time perspective and he has been very responsive and helped me think through sticky situations. Mark also is the guy who will give it to you straight – in my 15 year career in corporate America, I’ve not gotten such realistic and helpful career advice. By working with Mark I’ve developed a better foundation and perspective on my career (and life) while receiving actionable coaching on reaching my career goals.”

Neela Moorty

Director, Pharmaceuticals Multinational Corporation

“Mark is a true professional. I can’t think of a better resource for interview preparation. Mark is accomplished both academically (Harvard MBA) and professionally (extensive experience as a hiring manager in Corporate America). Because of this, Mark delivers unique, perceptive and effective feedback during the interview preparation process. Speaking from personal experience and as a Chief Financial Officer, the return on my investment (ROI) in Mark’s professional services is immeasurable.”

Liam McGuinness

CFO, Investment & Wealth Management Company

“I was in a big-time rut and because of my time spent with Mark, I was able to transcend my situation and see a whole world of options of which I had no previous awareness. He provided many tools for me to work with, and he held me accountable which was something I very much needed at the time. He genuinely cares about his clients, and gives 100% of himself to the process. If you are looking for a boost in your career and to live a richer, fuller life, then Mark can help you get there. He has an innate talent of being able to cut to the chase of your issue, and exposing it in such a way that it can be easily handled. I would recommend him to anyone looking to get more out of life.”

Michael Scarlata

VP of Finance, Graduate Psychology Student

“Mark has proven to be  truly transformative for me.  He is upbeat and fun to be around; more importantly, he has brought very positive changes to my life.  Mark brings a sense of adventure and a deep understanding of business and technology.  He helped me start a Linkedin account, find a job, and seek completely new experiences. Mark helps you be your best self and I could not recommend him more highly.”
Sherry Lawrence


“Trying to accept the changes and challenges in my life had become a daily task that was not going well. Indecisiveness and procrastination became constant companions.  I was stuck in “Neutral”.   I finally made the decision: It was time to consider a career coach.  After interviewing five coaches, I knew Mark was the one.  He helped me set in place different processes to re-discover my inner strength to recognize, accept and transform the business and personal spaces of my life. During each coaching session, Mark continually presented tools to work with, the inspiration to stay motivated and did it all with a large measure of fun.

Thank you Mark!”

Joni Cuevas

Senior Sales Executive, Pharma

“Mark Langford, at C-Synergy Career Coaching was a tremendous help to me. He gave me a personalized approach to my career needs and a system to carry things forward. I have a clear direction and more self- confidence. Thank you Mark!”

Julie Foster

IT Systems Engineer

“Before I hired Mark I was stuck in a job that was paying the bills but felt like torture. I was neither 100% sure what I wanted to do, nor did I feel that I could afford to leave the position. Mark introduced me to his Career Synergy program. Even after the first session, I felt like I had been given a secret shortcut to a whole new life. Through his coaching, I gained tremendous clarity around the work that would be a perfect fit for me. I gained a vision that was more expansive than anything I could have possibly conceived by myself. Mark then supported me in every aspect of the practical details of bringing my new vision to life. He FAR exceeded my highest expectations and guided me the whole way through. For example, Mark re-wrote my resume and made extremely helpful introductions into his extensive network. He checked in often and even did research on alternative career options for me — I’ve never worked with a coach before who took that much initiative (and I’ve worked with several) — amazing! I can tell you that I absolutely love my new career path and outlook on life, that I feel more self-confident, and finally feel like I have arrived at my “sweet spot” (where I get to use all of my talents and abilities). I can’t thank Mark enough for what he did for me and recommend him 110% if you are looking to get clear on your calling and then to make it a reality. It has been a truly holistic, and surprisingly healing, experience for me.”

Lisa Lewis

University Professor

“Mark is a fantastic coach, and was able to deliver an immediate impact on my job search strategies and outlook. We really hit the ground running.

This next part’s important: His framework is far from being a “one size fits all” approach. One of Mark’s core strengths is his ability to adapt and tailor his work to the individual — he quickly diagnosed where I was in my process, where I needed some immediate support, and where we could focus our efforts for the best returns. But this was not at the expense of longer-term planning and strategy. Mark also helped me define my true north, encouraging me to evaluate new opportunities against my newly-re-defined career focus.

All this while being relentlessly positive, insightful, and encouraging. Mark’s got a great personality and sense of humor, and is a pleasure to work with. It’s pretty obvious that he lives for this work. If you’re looking for a coach who can meet you at your level and deliver results, offer insights from the perspective of an executive, or teach you some winning strategies for everything from job search to salary negotiations, Mark’s your guy.”

Andrew Jones

Program Manager

“Mark asks great insightful questions and through the course of 3 months of working with Mark I was able to discover a lot of things about myself and he really helped me see a path forward for at my job. Mark also has great insights from his own experience which were invaluable to my learning what it means to be a better leader at work. I have no doubt that I will be working with Mark again in the future as I continue to grow in my career and life.”

Keith Corbin

Senior Manager

“Over 25 years into my career, I felt the need to look for a coach because I was frustrated, confused, exhausted and feeling a little stuck in my current role. I still loved my job, but I felt like I was not utilizing all of my talents and creativity. I had read many ‘self-help’ books, but I could not seem to get over the hurdle of solving my own problems.

Then I connected with Mark. He was able to help me get to the heart of what was holding me back – my own limiting beliefs. Through his own rich experiences and intuition, and by working through the process he outlined for me, Mark helped me see things from a different perspective. Now I feel re-energized, empowered, confident and motivated! He has been instrumental in helping me see so many expansive possibilities not just in my career, but in my life.

I’m still working with Mark on building out my new path, and I couldn’t be more excited about it. Thank you Mark for making such a difference! If anyone out there is on the fence about coaching, I highly encourage you to contact Mark and see for yourself the difference that the right coach makes.”

Amy Kitchen

IT, VIce President

“Mark is a fantastic coach. I hired him to help me with my resume & job search. He even offered a complimentary phone call before I signed up to discuss my needs & how he can add value. He guided me in making my resume impactful and directed me on job search and networking strategies.

He doesn’t use a generic approach but figures out where you are in the process, what help you need for immediate support, and which areas to focus upon for the best results.

Mark’s got a great personality and a very positive attitude. He really wants to help you achieve whatever your goals are! I highly recommend working with him.”

Aditi Banerjee

Product Management Executive

“I am very excited to recommend Mark as a career coach. Excited may seem too exuberant a word unless you have been in a position where you need his services.

I was in a very unpleasant professional situation. Throughout our time together Mark provided insight, a clear process, and a positive message. Together we turned a negative into education, perspective, concrete techniques, and a path forward.

I feel much more confident and have a more mature professional perspective that is already helping me in my current position and my search for a new one.”

Nathan Goodrich

Director of Technical Services


Grace Getzen

Reiki Master Teacher & Professional Massage Therapist

“As an entrepreneur, I already have the best job.  BUT I also tend to have all the challenges and no amount of self-help books – read sequentially – will be effective in addressing them.  Mark is an incredibly experienced business person who also happens to be incredibly well read and trained in the human potential movement.  What this means for his clients is that Mark probably has had to deal with the exact problem you’re dealing with…and at a high level.  As the saying goes: “smooth seas never made a skillful sailor”.

In short, Mark can relate to your career and business challenges (because he truly understands them) and can develop a relevant strategy for your situation (because he is familiar with the literature).  A rare and potent combination.  If he has availability, book him now.”

Thorsten Hoins


“I worked with Mark as a client, using his career coaching services.  I needed to decide whether I would stay with my employer or begin looking for another opportunity.  He was extremely useful in re-framing my thinking, asking good (and sometimes tough) questions, and helping me create a decision-making matrix.  Once I made the decision to begin a job search, his advice on polishing and updating my search materials (resume, cover letter, networking brief & professional dossier)  and using LinkedIn as a networking tool certainly contributed to me quickly finding a great opportunity with a new employer.  I can’t speak highly enough of Mark’s efforts – he was a pleasure to work with.  And through his coaching and consulting, he was able to get better results out of me than I would have gotten on my own.”

Kirk Martin

Insurance Agency Owner

“Mark gave me advice/strategies during my job searching few months ago. I use what I learned from him (resume improvement, networking in LinkedIn etc.) to finally get my dream job!”


Morshed Alam

Software Developer

“Mark is the bee’s knees when it comes to mentoring future/present life coaches and business coaching! Through our many conversations, guided modules, and information about the life coaching business ins and outs, I was able to gain the confidence needed to develop my brand further, set a fair and sustainable price for my services as well as manifest my first high paying client! Going through any coaching program Mark offers will not only benefit your career, but your life in general. So, stop over analyzing it and sign up today to take your life coaching career to the next level!”

Jessica Coco

Wellness and Accountability Coach

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“The greatest danger for most of us is not that our aim is too high and we miss it, but that it is too low and we reach it.”

– Michelangelo