In 2004, in full health and at the pinnacle of my life and career, I contracted a super serious, penicillin resistant (MRSA) infection from a routine arthroscopy.  After a dozen very invasive surgeries and forty-one days of lying immobilized in a foreign hospital bed, I experienced a life-changing encounter with an ethereal presence.  After after asking it hundreds of questions (and getting answers!), I came to the “big one” and asked, “Why am I here??”  This entity then revealed to me that my life purpose is to help, heal and mentor others.  Following this epiphany, I developed an intense interest in understanding this near death experience (my lungs filled with liquid after one 9-hour surgery and I thought I was checking out), and I spent every available moment for the next 10-years studying and working with spiritual leaders and reading every self-help book I could find.

Interest turned to inspiration when I realized that I could do the most good by coaching business professionals using my 25-years of corporate and entrepreneurial experience.  I then decided to transition out of the corporate world so that I could mentor individuals and organizations to get clear on their professional purpose, to develop more engagement and productivity and to connect and operate from a higher consciousness.

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Institutional & Organizational Speaking

Have you ever wondered if you were on the “right” path in your life and career?  Or how to practically balance and achieve your personal professional goals?

As the first born, only child in a single parent family, I use to be an “under directed, over achiever.”  I spent my whole life doing what family, friends and teachers told me that I should be doing, trying to please others and trying to figure myself out – until I met my proverbial “maker” (see My Story below).

As a top professional career coach, bestselling author, Harvard MBA, and motivational speaker, I help people to tap inner wisdom, discover their true north, and use best-of-breed tools and techniques that lead to fun, fulfilling and financial rewarding careers. Below is a 4-minute demo reel that includes snippets from a recent speaking engagement I delivered on how to discover direction, build confidence, and move past limiting beliefs. My Career Synergy portfolio of talks will help your audience to gain more clarity and direction with easy to apply techniques, practical real-life applications in a fun and highly engaging fashion.

Corporate Speaking

As a corporate executive, I worked on Wall Street, for the US Courts in Washington D.C., with Fortune 500 companies as well as start-ups both in the U.S. and internationally, and for such well-known companies as Technicolor, Macy’s, Procter & Gamble.  My successful (yet eclectic) career path has left me with some really great insights on how to attain more engagement, productivity, collaboration and fun at work. Here is a list of topics that I’ve delivered here in the U.S. and overseas:

 Using one’s own personal spirituality to create more professional success and fulfillment

 Connecting with inner wisdom to gain greater personal confidence and direction

 Establishing innovative work habits that improve engagement and productivity

 Employing highly effective heart-selling strategies to generate more business

 Implementing a purpose-driven career that leads to greater ease and flow

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I thoroughly enjoy working with Mark. He is professional and very knowledgeable and listens carefully to what I say. His approach is methodical, yet tailored to my specific needs. Mark is definitely worth the investment of time and money.

Dan Lauten

President, Napa Valley Winery