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Stop dreading the interviews and start landing more job offers with the best interview coaching.

Interviewing is a learnable skill. You probably only flex your interview muscles when we’re looking for a new job – which means you’re probably not as strong as you could be. Fortunately, there’s a way to super-charge your interview prowess in short order – 3 coaching sessions, to be exact. So, for a relatively small investment, you can greatly increase your odds of landing the jobs offers you want.

Interview coaching is a great option if you want to:

  • Identify and move past your blindsides
  • Impressively articulate all  of your skills and abilities
  • Be prepared for every type of interview question
  • Learn interview strategies and tactics that work
  • Create an interview presentation that wows hiring managers
  • Leave nerves at the door and show up as confident & professional
  • Get salary negotiation tips that net 10-15% more compensation


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Stand Out From The Competition

  • Work with a Harvard MBA and former hiring manager who’s conducted hundreds of interviews
  • Receive instant feedback on how you are “coming across” including body language, gestures.
  • Learn how to structure and present impressive responses to all 4 types of interview questions
  • Practice and prepare for both in-person and virtual interviews
  • Develop an impressive Interview Presentation that your competition doesn’t have


Interview Strategy

  • Interview strategy & tactics approach
  • Formulate your opening statement
  • Learn great answers to common questions
  • Develop your list of talking points
  • Learn the questions to ask that reveal toxic cultures & micromanagers
  • Identify and work through questions you find most challenging



Mock Interview Practice

  • Single questions with immediate feedback & advice
  • Work through the 4 types of interview questions: common, situational, behavioral, and case study
  • Review intermediate level interview questions 
  • Share best answers to tough questions list
  • Video/on-camera interviewing guidance
  • Begin working on Interview Presentation


Fine Tuning

  • End-to-end mock interview practicing with different interviewer personas
  • Review case study type (hard) questions, if applicable to your position
  • Review of questions you’ll ask the interviewer
  • Salary negotiation techniques
  • Review of final Interview Presentation


Coaching Process Overview

Session 1 Pre-Work

  • Create bulleted talking points to the common interview questions
  • Review catalog of interview questions & highlight “challenging” questions

Session 1

  • Share interview strategy & tactics approach
  • Formulate your opening statement
  • Review/optimize your answers to likely questions
  • Q&A on interview strategy

Session 2 Pre-Work

  • Create bulleted talking points to intermediate difficulty level interview questions 
  • Review/draft Interview Presentation deck

Session 2

  • Mock interview session (single questions with immediate feedback & advice)
  • Review intermediate level interview questions 
  • Share best answers to tough questions list
  • Review of draft of your Interview Presentation

Session 3 Pre-Work

  • Identify those questions that you’re still not comfortable answering
  • Finalize your custom Interview Presentation

Session 3

  • End-to-end interview with common, situational, behavioral , “challenging,” and intermediate questions (feedback & advice given at the end)
  • Review case study type (hard) questions, if applicable to your position
  • Review of questions you’ll ask the interviewer
  • Salary negotiation tips
  • Review of final Interview Presentation 
  • Final Q&A 

After a year of applying for jobs with no response, I realized I needed help defining what I wanted to do and how to get on the radars of companies. <insert Mark> Mark dramatically changed my job search approach, gave me the tools to wow people on interviews, and helped refine my interviewing skills. His modern-day advice and techniques are incredibly effective and make you stand out from the sea of resumes you’re up against. He’s also incredibly efficient and resourceful. 

Jennifer B.

Mark, at C-Synergy, coached me for a Sr. VP level job interview, and I landed the job! His executive interview framework and tools are excellent. With Mark’s expert coaching, I connected with the interviewers right away and answered all questions with confidence and poise. I highly recommend his services.

Eugene C.

Interview with Diane Bogino

Mark Langford, Master Entrepreneur Coach, has coached over 1,000 senior-level business professionals to move past uncertainty & burnout and into better-fitting roles, lucrative entrepreneurial ventures, and greater earnings and professional satisfaction.

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