Gauge Your Career Development Savvy

Take this short assessment test to reveal how aware you are of the latest career development tools and techniques that will enable you to identify & find your ideal job, stand out from the competition, and land the job offers you want.

You feel you have the right mindset to attract recruiters hiring managers

  • You know your limiting beliefs and how to mitigate them
  • You understand exactly what’s holding you back from landing your ideal career
  • You cultivate positive habits, self-talk, and thought patterns on a daily basis

You have professional clarity and know exactly what you want next in your career

  • You’re aware of all your strengths and weaknesses
  • You work from a Vision Statement to make informed decisions
  • You know all your core “why’s”
  • You have a good understanding of everything you need to be happy
  • You have an Ideal Job Description you use as a benchmark for your job search

You have frameworks to evaluate alternatives and make decisions

  • You’ve defined your key skills set
  • You know the specific roles that fit your skills & interests
  • You know the type of people (bosses, colleagues, leadership) you work best with
  • You know how to identify ideal superiors, colleagues, and subordinates

You have a Unique Selling Proposition

  • You can express how it benefits to the organization you’d work for
  • You can easily explain the problems you solve & how you solve them
  • You can authentically pitch all the skills and abilities you bring to bear
  • You have a situational Branding Statement for your verbal pitches

You use innovative marketing collateral (beyond a resume & cover letter)

  • You have a Networking Brief to uncover leads, ideas, and opportunities
  • You have a Professional Dossier focusing on your “secret sauce” and “superpowers”
  • You have a Skills Mind Map to initiate meaningful conversations quicker
  • You have an optimized LinkedIn profile that attracts recruiters & hiring managers

You have career shortlists that show what you’re looking for next in terms of:

  • Your target industries / business sectors
  • Your target organizations
  • Your desired professional roles

You have an efficient job search process that yields interviews

  • You’re using an unconventional approach to the tap hidden job market
  • You have a means to evaluate and rank feasible alternatives
  • You keep metrics of your searches for accountability, analysis, & adaptation

You have an effective digital marketing strategy (that avoids job boards and Applicant Tracking Systems)

  • You’re very active on LinkedIn (content, connections, conversations)
  • You’re adding relevant network connections daily
  • You’re developing relationships with recruiters
  • You’re having conversations that are yielding leads, referrals, and opportunities

You strategically network into target organizations

  • You’re able to get people at target organizations to talk to you
  • You employ effective scripts that create intrigue & engagement
  • You’re conducting informational interviews that are leading to interviews
  • Your professional network is prolific (1,000+) and responsive (they call you back)

You have an effective interview strategy

  • You have an impressive opening statement for the critical opening five minutes
  • You have defined value proposition based talking points
  • You have an approach for each of the 4 types of interview questions
  • You use an innovative interview presentation to differentiate yourself from others
  • You’re able to address all doubts and close the deal
  • You use effective salary negotiation techniques and get 5-15% more than offered

You have a career plan that contains:

  • SMART short-, mid-, and long-term professional goals
  • Clear milestones to assess your progress
  • A “Plan B”
  • A sustainable support system to work through setbacks

You seek out help and resources you need when you need them

  • You’re aware of when you’re stuck
  • You always seek to “sharpen the saw”
  • You’re coachable and open to growth and expansion

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