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Are you aware that you have a mission in life, but can’t quite put your finger on it?

Do you feel that you are not receiving the compensation you deserve?

Do you have a dream but are not sure of how to monetize it?

You are not alone! Many people struggle with finding their dream or bringing it to fruition. The C-Synergy Purpose Activation Program is designed to unlock your gifts so that you can do what you were meant to and earn the money you deserve. Let us use our insights, tools and techniques  to and apply them to your talents, abilities, experiences and preferences to identify, define and actualize what you were meant to do! Everyone is hard-wired with the desire to contribute to humanity in some way. Some of us do it consciously and big way while others struggle to define and understand their true Purpose. If your mission – or “earth purpose” – goes un- or under fulfilled you may feel a bit:

  • Empty
  • Disconnected
  • Under-appreciated
  • Misdirected
  • Unconfident

If you would like to move past these feelings of inadequacy once-and-for-all and to make a meaningful impact in this lifetime, you may want to:

ACTIVATE Your Purpose

Each and every one of us have a Purpose. It is an integration of ALL the significant aspects of your being and the sum total of your personal gifts, education and experiences – as well as the things that FIRE you up. A Purpose Activation with us reveals what you were meant to do along with practical steps on how to significantly expand what is possible for you in the future. Your Purpose Activation is an integration of your energetic, spiritual and physical self into your environment and – when you live authentically to it – enables more ease and flow along with more fun, fulfillment and financial reward.

Who can benefit from a Purpose Activation?

Senior Professionals

Whose ueber successful career leaves them increasingly unfulfilled, lonely, stressed out and searching for greater meaning.


Business Leaders

Who want to create something unique and take their business to the next level in a way that makes them feel fully alive and inspired.


Women Re-entering the Workforce

Who have experienced significant growth as a person since leaving their job and want to integrate all parts of themselves in a new fulfilling and lucrative career.

Public Figures

Who want to use the power of their platform in a way that allows the richness of their life experience and the depth of who they truly are to shine through.

Healers and Coaches

Who are struggling to bring the full potential of their gifts out into the world and create the impact and income they know is possible.

What if you could discover your Purpose and easily realize it?

The Purpose Activation is offered in a half-day VIP session where you will work directly and  interactively with both Mark and Kim to discover what is truly possible in your life from an energetic, spiritual and practical perspective. They will help you to gain clarity, focus and control and to integrate all facets of your life to attain a sense of  knowing that you are on the right path.   If you are willing to invest a half day of your life to work with us, you will discover greater self-worth, life meaning and/or inner peace. You will also walk away with a custom plan and a set of well-defined action items to get unstuck and to begin making forward progress again in your life and career.  
Together we’ll talk through and set intentions of what our focus will be during our time together.  Understanding that energy follows intent it will be important for us to be clear on our goals and objectives to achieve an outcome that’s in your best and highest good. You will also work through several self-reflection exercises that will be used as input to the vision development and goal setting segment of the day.

Hypnosis is a highly effective tool that can be used successfully in many areas of life. By working with the highly suggestible subconscious mind it allows us to access our highest level of potential.  It also allows us to access our own inner wisdom where truth and all the answers that we need reside.  It’s that part of us that is connected to all that is also called the higher-self.In this process you’re able to uncover alternative/healthier ways of thinking, feeling and behaving so that you can shift your experiences and allow for positive transformations to take place in areas of your life that need it most or that you’d simply like to improve and enhance.

Life Purpose Healing

Often times we know that there’s something more to life than what we’ve been doing – that we have a greater purpose – but, we’re not sure what that is. Or we know what it is but we’re afraid to/not sure how to pursue our purpose and passion. This healing works with the Soul Star/8th Chakra, where information on our soul’s mission (heart’s desire) is stored, and brings this information down into our awareness. This session is designed to help you remember your soul’s mission as well as clear the way for you to live your soul’s mission.

Post Session
Following the session we’ll talk through your experience, any questions you may as well as important spiritual guidance that came through to help you understand the areas of your life, thinking, beliefs, or emotions that support to help clear the way energetically for you to move forward on your path with ease.
Vision & Goal Setting Development
This is the “practical” segment of your VIP Day where the coaches will help you to develop a clear, succinct vision statement based on all of your personal gifts, talents, abilities and passions.  Together will will craft a manageable action plan that provides a step-by-step guide to realizing more fun, fulfillment and success.  You will walk away with a roadmap of what you need to do to move past limiting beliefs, achieve your newly minted vision and to make positive, lasting change in your life and career that enables you to play BIGGER all of the time.

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“As a producer of leadership conferences, I have worked with those who are bestselling authors and are considered the best in the world in the field of coaching and consulting. Mark & Kim have the magic. They are doing something special. Not only do they powerfully get to the point of what will help your work and life, they work with enthusiasm and a refreshing sense of fun and joy that will inspire you to be your best.”

Raul Rosiles

Los Angeles, Co-Producer Leaders Causing Leaders Conference

The Purpose Activation Package 

 A half-day (4-5 hour) in-person or Skype session…

where we will develop fertile ground for your Purpose Activation to grow and expand that will create forward momentum in your life and career. During your Purpose Activation, Kim will use her intuitive gifts to look into your energy and your potential path and Mark will provide practical implementation guide so you can take inspired action IMMEDIATELY!  Activating your Purpose will open up completely new possibilities – integrating and focusing all of your strengths.  Throughout the Purpose Activation session, Kim will clear lingering obstacles so that you can move forward in harmony with the new energies and Mark will help you to identify, define and realize your personal and professional Purpose through a series of self-reflection exercises and personal mentoring.  Together, we will devise an energetic and practical step-by-step implementation plan that will support you to realize your Purpose. 

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