Deep down, you know you are here for a purpose!

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You simply know that you have a greater calling and it gets harder and harder to ignore it because, when you do, it feels like you are slowly dying inside.  Yet you might feel that what you came here to do is shrouded of haze of doubts, paralyzing fears, guilt, not feeling good enough. You question what would happen if you were to step out of the convenient routines and habits that keep you playing “small.” All of these thoughts and feelings seems to intensify whenever you get closer to actually living your dreams and following your calling.  The good news? If you’re here, it means that all that “stuff” is finally ready to leave for good – you just have to have the tools and the willingness to let it go.

Famous Proverb

“You never change things by fighting the existing reality.  To change something, build a new model that makes the existing model obsolete.” 

– Buckminster Fuller

What It Is…

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Do what you love, live the lifestyle you want, have the money you need. Let our career development services help you:

    • End self-sabotage, self-criticism and fear
    • Get crystal clear on your passion & purpose
    • Clarify & prioritize goals
    • Create a manageable action plan
    • Radically improve time management skills
    • Establish focus & centering techniques
    • Create a manageable, step-by-step action plan
    • Identify resources (people, education, training…) needed for next step
    • Establish more accountability
    • Set-up a sustainable support system
    • Meet & network with people who can help you
    • Land your ideal career!

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“Drawing from the incomparable well of personal experience, Mark Langford intimately and wisely shares his formula for creating a thriving personal and professional life.”


American spiritual leader, author, and founder of the Agape International


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