Can you remember what it was like to be a child – full of curiosity and wonder?

Can you remember what it was like to be a child – full of curiosity and wonder? Those were days that seemed to last forever – when the hands on the clock moved so slowly, and the biggest concern was “what to do next.” Everything was fresh and new and every experience held some kind of wonder and excitement. Our minds were free from the clutter of judgments, biases and preoccupation.

Fast forward to today. Where did all that ease and flow go? How can a single word uttered by a person set us off? When did we make “practicality” and “passion” mutually exclusive? When did we get so jaded?

Have you ever wanted to rollback the “jade” and feel free and unencumbered again – like you did at the age of 4?

Well, there is a way….

First, become aware of when a negative thought enters your mind. The instant it does, rephrase it and make it into a positive (it’s always possible and your choice). Notice all the negative commentary made to yourself and others – including gossip, judgment and opinions.

Second, let go of attachment to results. Face it, you won’t always get what you want or expect. Results can be delivered in a myriad of ways. Be open and go with the flow and know that whatever shows-up probably won’t be exactly how you saw or planned it in your mind’s eye.

Third, forgive yourself and everyone else in your life. Whatever grudge or ill-feeling you hold only creates resistance. Let it go, whatever you’re holding on to – it’s in the past and you live in the present.

Forth, stop being the victim of your own self-loathing. Negative self-commentary is not healthy. Look in the mirror everyday and notice all of your good qualities and features – compliment and acknowledge yourself – you’re allowed! And don’t forget to tell yourself “I love you!” and make it heart-felt (when was the last time you did that?!).

Fifth, talk to your inner child. He or she is still in there waiting to be re-acknowledged. Still your mind (I suggest meditation) and invite the child to come forth. Tell them that you still love them and ask the “little you” what he/she wants. Then let the essence of your inner child flow into your consciousness. It might sound “woo-woo” to some of you, I know. But that’s just part of the jade. Let your guard down for just a little while and simply be with your inner child without judgement.

We all get jaded over time. It’s like a boat picking up barnacles after many voyages. Maybe it’s time to clean your hull so you can move through the water (life) as fluidly as you did as a kid. Your inner child is still in there. Wouldn’t it be nice if he or she could come out and play again?