To amplify the ability to manifest more time and space in your life, it’s important to improve priority management and organizational skills and to implement a regular regime of self-centering exercises.  Implementing these constructive habits will consolidate and draw back energy wasted on a vast array of activities and distractions not aligned to one’s inner genius and core purpose.  People tend to leak their power on menial tasks; on useless emotions such as worry, guilt, doubt and shame; and on events beyond their control each and every day.  As a result, we wind up weakening ourselves to the point of exhaustion.  It’s difficult, if not impossible, to manifest anything, much less your dreams, from a position of fatigue and overwhelm. Do something every day that makes your life easier.  Organize your calendar; practice yoga or meditate for a few minutes; catch and stop yourself from having thoughts of worry, guilt, doubt or shame; clean out and re-order a desk draw, closet or work area; make a daily or weekly list of “to do’s,” and check the entries off as you complete each.  Chip away at the chaos you have allowed to enter your life.  Creativity is simply the act of putting order around chaos (and we are all creative beings).  Implement constructive habits that clear the way for your amazing power to manifest bigger and greater things in your life and to create time & space for personal passions.